Audio/Visual Stand___________________________

This is the garage entertainment center. The living room unit is a Yamaha RX-884 with four KLH Model Seventeens.

My interests are:

• DXing- AM, FM, and TV
• Audio
• Satellite
• CDs
• Online music

Here's what I did for the equipment:

The stand was made from salvaged 1x10 planks, with some of them sawed lengthwise, so I could make ~13-1/2" deep shelves.

Most everything in the garage is on wheels, including this stand.

Left side, top down:
Philips DVR
Drake R8
Onkyo T-4711 tuner
Onkyo T-9090II tuner
Integra DTR-30.1 receiver (preamp duties)

Channel Master 9571 wireless rotor controller
JVC RX-884V (surround speakers AR3a)
Panamax M5100EX conditioner

Right side, top down:
Insignia HDTV converter
Home made A/V switch / Sanyo EQ
Speaker selector switch
Onkyo M-504 (main speakers AR3a)
Onkyo P3150V preamp
Onkyo EQ35 EQ

(Logitech Harmony 1000 remote)

The speakers are two pair of AR3a mounted close to the ceiling. The TV is set on a large lazy Susan, on top of the stand.

This is the antenna farm.