The Antenna Farm_____________________________

At Operation Central, there are several antennas, depending on the desired band.

For TV and FM, there's a Philips/Magnavox/Gemini MANT901. This picture also shows
an old Winegard mounted below the MANT901.

I have now replaced both with a DIY yagi.

It's a monster on a rotor.

Next to it is a DirecTV dish, barely visible at the right end of the roof.
[November 2011: DirecTV is gone, replaced by FIOS.]

For AM, there's a long wire that terminates here, through a 9:1 balun,
grounded to an 8' rod...

comes here...

to the white coax, which accepts the AM feed, run under the drive.
All the terminal blocks are hung on an 8' ground rod.

All signals enter here:

except the satellite, which goes through here:

into the house.